Sometimes great literary works cannot affect a child's mind even when read to by a parent. So there is a picture book.

We believe in the past,very young children were not welcomed to classical music performances. If we had a picture book for a classical concert for parents and children we thought this would be so wonderful. Out of this idea, this concert and these musicians were born. The purpose is now to lead all children to reach their highest potential.

This concert lets everyone feel the wonderful music.

It was a couple of years ago when Okapi an honest and reliable sort decided to devote his life to lovable music.
Okapi met up with Polar Bear who felt limited playing his music in the Arctic.
There they started their journey looking for other members to play music.
Next they met up with a trumpet player named Indian Lion who had high principles and a trombone player named Sumatra Tiger who loved life and was very entertaining.
Okapi happily invited them to become part of their group.
Both Douc Langur who respected Indian Lion and Malayan Tapir who loves to sleep went to meet Okapi after hearing about the group.
Two new friends joined the group and an after that the "Zoorasian Brass" was born.