Zoorasianbrass's 16th album "JapaneeZoo"

Zoorasianbrass's 16th album "JapaneeZoo"

 ●Album Name:JapaneeZoo
 ●Advance Order:2017, July, 20th(Thur)~Aug, 6th(Sun)
 ●Launch:2017, Aug, 16th(Wed)
 ●Price:JPY2,800(CD)/ JPY3,800(DVD)(Tax Excluded)
 ●Album Number:SKZB170816/ SKZB176816
 ●How to buy:Record Stores or musical instrument stores in Japan、 OngakunoEhon Webshop Zoorasianbrass Fan Store

"JapaneeZoo" Music Video DVD

■Movie■6Music Videos(20 Mins)
01)Etenraku Will Rock You
02)Life as Mozart
03)Akatonbo (Red Dragonfly)
04)Welcome to Japan's World of Heavy Drinkers
05)Zoorasianbrass Ondo(Vocal Ver.)
06)Oedo Nihonbashi
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■Music■10 pieces(37分) ※Still Image
01)Jongara Impromptu for Brass Quintet  →【Trial listening】
02)Tanko Bushi Bossa Nova  →【Trial listening】
03)Harunoumi (The Sea in Spring)   →【Trial listening】
04)Bach's Solo Travel in Tsugaru  →【Trial listening】
05)Shima Uta (Island Song)  →【Trial listening】
06)Selection of Japanese Folk Songs
07)Japanese Lullaby Fantasy
08)Don-Pan So-Ran Awa-Odori  →【Trial listening】
09)The Grand Sumo Brass  →【Trial listening】
10)Zoorasianbrass Ondo(Instrumental Ver.)

"JapaneeZoo" Music CD

■Inculding 16songs(58'34")
01)Zoorasianbrass Ondo(Instrumental Ver.)  Ryota Ishikawa
02) Etenraku Will Rock You  Japan Folk Song|arr. Ryota Ishikawa
03) Jongara Impromptu for Brass Quintet  Hisato Yamaguchi→【Trial listening】
04) Tanko Bushi Bossanova  Fukuoka Folk Song|arr. Ryota Ishikawa  →【Trial listening】
05) Harunoumi (The Sea in Spring)  Michio Miyagi|arr. Shunsuke Takizawa  →【Trial listening】
06) Selection of Japanese Folk Songs  Japan Folk Songs|arr:Hiroki Takahashi
07) Shima Uta (Island Song)  Kazufumi Miyazawa|arr. Ryota Ishikawa  →【Trial listening】
08) Japanese Lullaby Fantasy  Japan Folk Songs|Japan Folk Songs
09) Don-Pan So-Ran Awa-Odori  Japan Folk Songs|arr:Hiroki Takahashi  →【Trial listening】
10) The Grand Sumo Brass  Ryota Ishikawa→【Trial listening】
11) Life as Mozart  Mozart|arr:Hiroki Takahashi
12) Bach's Solo Travel in Tsugaru  Bach|arr. Ryota Ishikawa  →【Trial listening】
13) Welcome to Japan's World of Heavy Drinkers  Taishi Nagamura, Hiroaki Hagiwara, Eigo Kawashima, Kazuhiko Kato| arr. Hisato Yamaguchi
14) Akatonbo (Red Dragonfly)  Kosaku Yamada|arr. Hisato Yamaguchi
15) Oedo Nihonbashi  Japan Folk Songs|arr. Ryota Ishikawa
16) Zoorasianbrass Ondo(Vocal Ver.)  Ryota Ishikawa|Lyrics:Ryota Ishikawa


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