■the cast
Zoorasian_brass(brass quintet ,one special trumpet player and conductor):7 animals
Tsuru-Usagi (string quartet):4 rabbits
Master of ceremony(woman):1 woman
■Time of show 90 minutes (including 15 minute intermission)
■instruments  Trumpet (3), Horn (1), Tuba (1), Violin (2), Viola (1), Cello (1)

■program sample
1st half of show
・(one classical song) Zoorasian Brass
・(two classical songs) Tsuru-usagi
・(three popular songs) Zoorasianbrass
〜15-minute intermission〜
2nd.half of show
・(classical and popular, two songs) Tsuru-usagi
・(comical arrangement,3 songs) Zoorasian Brass
・(one classical song) Zoorasianbrass plus special trumpet
・(one classical song) All members
・encore (one classical song) All members
concert schedule(Japanese site)
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