"ONGAKU-no-EHON" ,a picture book of classical concert, is genuine classical concert with animals playing. This concert came into being in 2001. This new music feeling has engrossed many parents and children throughout Japan. These are musicians in "A picture book of classical concert".

„Zoorasian Brass
They were born in April 2000 ,as Yokahama Zoological gardens' mascot character.
The conductor is Okapi ,Trumpet is Indian Lion ,Douc Langur, French Horn is Malayan Tapir, Trombone is Sumatra Tiger and Tuba is Polar Bear. They are some of endangered species.
If we have a picture book for a classical concert for parents and children we thought this would be so wonderful. Out of this idea, this concert and these musicians were born. They have not only been doing concerts in Yokahama Zoological gardens, but also in many concerts halls all over Japan. They do over 100 shows per year.
In 2007,Zoorasian Brass started doing concerts together with Tokyo symphonic orchestra for newborn babies. In 2010, they released their 9th music CD. The Zoorasian Brass are selling the score of about 500 songs. Since April 2010 ,Zoorasian Brass has their own fan club. Their activity is engrossing not only to many children, but also to amateur players.

They were born in 1999 ,as a string quartet team of sisters of rabbits.Now,they have been playing with the Zoorasian Brass in the same concert. In 2003,they released a music CD.

„The other companions
"The harp and flute papillon " is duo of flute and harp.
"The Saxophox" is foxes of saxophone quartet team.
"The Claricat" is cats of clarinet quartet team.
They have been playing with the Zoorasian Brass in some type concert of "ONGAKU-no-EHON". @They release some music CDs.

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