Sometimes great literary works cannot affect a child’s mind even when read to by a parent. So there is a picture book. We believe in the past,very young children were not welcomed to classical music performances. If we have a picture book for a classical concert for parents and children we thought this would be so wonderful. Out of this idea, this concert and these musicians were born. The purpose is to lead all children to reach their highest potential. This concert lets everyone feel the wonderful music.

Zoorasian Brass(Brass Quintet)
1st.Trumpet : Indian Lion
2nd.Trumpet: Douc Langur
French Horn : Malayan Tapir
Trombone : Sumatra Tiger
Tuba : Polar Bear
Conductor : Okapi

Special members
Trumpet : Golden Takin
Euphonium Ocelot
Percussion Dhole
Tsuru-Usagi(String Quartet)

1st.Violin : Meg
2nd Violin : Amy
Viola or Piano : Beth
Cello : Jo

Saxofox(Saxophone Quartet)

1st. Alto Sax :Latour
2nd Alto Sax :Lafite
Tenor Sax :Margaux
Baritone Sax : Mouton

Claricat(Clarinet Quartet)

1st. clarinet : Melissa
2nd clarinet : Rosemary
3rd. clarinet : Bergamot
Bass clarinet : Peppermint

Koto-fue Papillon(Flute & Harp duo)

Flute : Himetateha
Grand Harp : Ruritateha

Zoorasian Philharmonic Orchestra


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